Short Courses (F2F or Online)

Our short courses and Lunch & Learns give you and your organisation the knowledge, skills and confidence to implement good-practice HR, L&D and people management practices in your workplace. Whether you’re looking for practical, operational know-how or high-level strategic insight, we have over 40 short courses to choose from.

Choose from short courses in the following areas:

  • Management  Effectiveness

  • Leadership Effectiveness

  • Sales and Customer Care Effectiveness 

  • Personal Effectiveness


We offer cutting edge competency based training programmes with a special emphasis on best practice and up to the minute techniques. If you are looking to implement your strategies or enhance organisational performance  and the skills of your employees these short training programmes will help.


Our short courses and masterclasses are underpinned by continuous improvement strategies. Our approach is at the cutting edge of development. We deliver unique perspectives and methodologies based on our assumption that organisations must find ways of tapping the inventiveness of their employees and systems in line with their customers changing expectations and aspirations.


Delegates learn how to close the gap between concepts and action. We explain how organisational attitudes combined with aligned processes and systems can help to create an environment where employees are more motivated, thus helping to bring about continuous improvement and change.

Management Effectiveness 


Half Day or 3.5 hours 

ME01: Recruiting Talent

Practical step-by-step guide to recruitment from identifying job and candidate requirements, interviewing and onboarding.

Tutor led f2f or online sessions for managers at all levels.


Half Day or 3.5 hours 

ME02: Facilitating Meetings 

Essentials of facilitating workplace meetings including action meetings, appraisals and agreeing concrete objectives.

Tutor led f2f or online sessions for managers at all levels.


Half Day or 3.5 hours 

ME03: Communicating


Communicate decisions, proposals, saying “no”, reprimand, give feedback.

Tutor led f2f or online sessions for managers at all levels.


Half Day or 3.5 hours