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Employee Skills

We have been a pioneer in implementing operational improvement programmes since 1997. We design and implement measurable improvement in employee skills to directly impact business indicators and financial results.

Through custom-designed employee skills programmes tailored to each client’s unique challenges, we design, develop and implement improved ways of working. These efforts deliver a strong foundation of employee skills at all levels, helping our clients to better manage costs, growth and talent acquisition. Our disciplined execution and on-the-job coaching also helps to achieve increased revenues, enhanced flexibility and sustained behaviour change.


Our employee skills solution includes: 

  • Creates core capabilities

  • Inspires involved, active learners

  • Embeds an on-going assessment and measurement system at all skill levels

  • Provides on-the-job coaching to reinforce ‘classroom’ learning

  • Increases skill retention


Today’s business world is fraught with challenges. As profit margins are watched closely and processes become increasingly complex, companies often become focused on simply keeping their heads above water. While managing day-to-day operations will always be important, employee skills development must also have a prominent seat at the table. The team executing your strategy and your day-to-day operations must be equipped to complete their tasks and take their performance to the next level.


Talented employees want to advance and grow. We can help ensure your employees are better able to fulfil the obligations of their roles and impact both the operational and financial performance of your organisation. This is accomplished through training, mentoring and coaching. A strong foundation of employee skills at all levels of an organisation will contribute to streamlined processes, improved employee morale, increased accountability and a sustainable competitive advantage.

How do you know if you Need a Skills Solution? ​​

1. Are you falling behind with embedding organisational change and new technology? 

2. Are you concerned about human capacity in terms of maintain short and long term goals? 

3. Do you lack the capabilities to ensure achievement of long terms plans and continued competitiveness? 

4. Is your performance on quality indicators less than desirable? 

5. Do you have difficulty attracting and retaining skilled employees? 

6. Do your training programmes fall short of producing sustainable results?

How do you know if you Need a Skills Solution? ​​

We help employees to develop in their current role and for future roles they may move into. We believe that by encouraging employees to take primary responsibility for their own learning you are also helping to:

  • Improve their performance in their existing job

  • Develop specific qualities and skills

  • Improve their career development and advancement, and

  • Achieve their true potential

How do you know if you Need a Skills Solution? ​​

We can help accelerate the skills development of your employees to achieve measurable and tangible improvements that will:

  • Achieve their true potential

  • Reduce waste

  • Improve productivity

  • Increase yield

  • Reduce error rates

  • Improve sales conversion

  • Enhance morale

  • Implement change smoothly

  • Reduce downtime

  • Determine the right metrics

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