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Executive Coaching (F2F or Online)

Winning in the global marketplace requires a competitive edge, sharply honed and clearly focused. We coach executives to deliver business results and break through to new levels of personal leadership.


With its philosophy of action learning, our coaching affords the opportunity to experiment with innovative approaches in the global business environment, functional excellence, leadership, influence, strategic thinking, change management, individual development and action planning. Our approach places emphasis on experiential learning, that includes, 1:1 coaching, detailed 360° feedback with input from your peers, managers and/or direct reports.

There’s strong evidence that talented individuals have a much greater degree of success when an effective coach supports them. We can support individuals within your organisation to fulfil their performance needs and their potential.


Tomorrow’s key core competence is not core technical competence but rather core cultural competence that encourages employees to be flexible, to want to change, to want to learn and to want to adapt to the needs of internal/external customers.

Organisations must unleash the potential of employees. Two ways is through effective coaching and mentoring. Leaders and managers must become connoisseurs of developing talent. No manager can do everything alone. It’s the people they choose that ultimately create long-term success and coaching is a means to ensure organisational survival.

The objective of coaching is to help individuals to improve their leadership or management competence and capabilities. This enhances their ability to produce better business results, better leadership and better team collaboration. Coaching occurs 1:1 to maximise the impact from the process.


Each coaching assignment starts by meeting with the coachee’s manager and/or HR to get alignment on objectives. We then meet with the coachee to clarify what they want from the process.


Often using 360° interviews we outline a plan to address areas for development. For the next few months your coach coachee regularly. The best coaching work gets done face-to-face, but we do supplement in-person meetings with online conversations, as required.


High Potential Coaching


Career Coaching


Outplacement Coaching


Peer Advisory Coaching 


Strategy Coaching 


Team Coaching 


Development Coaching 

Sample Coaching Assignments 

When employees are promoted or assigned a new role, they are challenged to produce quick results. We can help ensure your high potentials make a successful transition. Our approach includes managing expectations, clarifying 'new role' best practices and managing stakeholder and employee expectations.

We help individuals clarify how to personally manage their career. What are your strengths, skills and development opportunities? What are ways of behaving and interacting at work to secure promotion? How to plan for quality review meeting with your management? How to map stakeholder relationships and build your visibility and profile (internally and externally)? How to decide which roles to apply for and prepare for interviews?

We offer an outplacement service to our clients that is totally bespoke and tailored to individual needs. We provide continued assistance and support as the job search is carried out. We review activity levels and how effective the efforts are until a new job is secured. 

We facilitate and coach high-potential peer groups in a format resembling an internal advisory board. Peer advisory board members meet on a regular basis to focus on live business issues and develop internal collaboration and negotiation skills. We reinforce and supplement group sessions with one-on-one member coaching. 

To maximise success, you must have a clear vision of the future of your business. Using a facilitated process, we help you examine your present strategy and develop a new strategic direction for your organisation.

Successful teams can benefit from having a coach to provide a neutral outside perspective. We coach teams in real time to help them meet any on-going performance or relationship challenges that may prevent them (or team members within it) from achieving their objectives. 

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