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Sterling Development’s business transformation service dramatically enhances strategy implementation, delivers consistent performance improvement and creates a culture of shared purpose. We can help to transform or “maximise” your business and create a culture of performance by aligning your vison, strategies, employees, processes and IT to the changing needs of your customers so that you can deliver world class customer service.


Our approach can be applied to an entire organisation or to any of its parts.  


Do all your employees understand your organisation’s vision and strategies?


Do all your processes/IT meet the needs of your internal and external customers?


Do all your employees work together with shared purpose?


Is your organisation’s strategy translated into performance objectives your employees are rewarded to do?


Do all your processes and IT systems deliver what your customers really want?


Are your employees trained in the behaviours necessary to deliver the above?


Do all parts of your organisation work together in an interrelated, easily comprehensive, model? 

Business performance depends on 

  1. Getting every employee headed in the same direction with shared purpose.

  2. Aligning employees and business processes/systems to achieve that purpose.


At Sterling Development, we do this by constructing the measures, processes and systems necessary to become aligned and to stay aligned through our People-Service-Profit approach. We focus on your employees ability to deliver world class service. Profit is what you get if you do the people and service aspects well.


Our approach can be applied to an entire organisation or to any of its parts. We have seen managers at all hierarchical levels use the power of alignment to unleash the energy that comes from focus and the commitment of employees to accomplish alignment.   

Alignment (Performance) Essentials

  • Performance (growth and profitability) is the result of alignment between employees, customers, strategy and processes

  • Management must keep employees focused around (a few) key performance objectives

  • Alignment allows a business - all at the same time - to:

    • Rapidly deploy a coherent strategy

    • Be totally customer focused

    • Develop world class people

    • Continuously improve business processes/systems


Alignment (Performance) Key Points

  • Gives the power to get and stay competitive by bringing together previously unconnected parts of a business into an interrelated, easily comprehensive, model

  • Alignment gives the power to create a business culture of shared purpose.

  • By integrating core business factors, overall direction, leadership and culture, alignment gives the power to achieve consistent, defined levels of performance


Alignment is the New Leadership Competence  

  • Since it gives managers the skills to connect employee behaviours with your mission turning intentions into actions

  • Link teams and processes to the changing needs of customers

  • Shape business strategy with real time information from customers

  • Create a culture of performance in which all these work together seamlessly by following the deceptively simple steps:

    • Carefully crafting and articulating the essence of your business 

    • Defining a few critical strategic goals and imperatives and implementing them

    • Tying performance measures and metrics to those goals and imperatives

    • ​Linking the measures to a system of rewards and recognition
    • (Personally) reviewing the performance of their people to ensure goals are met

Our approach can be applied to

an entire organisation or to any of its parts.  

Sterling Development consulting shapes our clients future value and growth in a digital world. We combine deep business insight with an understanding of how processes and technology must align with your organisation’s vision, strategies and leadership. We focus on issues related to business transformation, change management, digitisation, performance agility, management control, process improvement, lean, six sigma and kaizen, customer intimacy, IT systems optimisation, human resources, employee skills and executive coaching.    

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