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We have a record of providing interim directors to support change initiatives in this sector. Our work encompasses organisational effectiveness, operational excellence, restructuring, change management, people performance and customer loyalty. 

 Financial Services
Sustainable Energy

We have a record of helping clients to address weak systems and processes. We bring our strategic planning practices and formulate resourcing plans that in association with behavioural training positions clients for growth.  

 Energy & Natural   Resources
Image by Jeevan Katel

We have a record of upskilling technical experts with the leadership and strategic skills to meet performance levels and efficiencies.

Image by Gary Butterfield

We have supported local government implement

consistent customer service standards by creating toolkits and training all employees.

 Local Government, Social & Public 
Pot on Gas Burner

We have a record of assessing top management and upskilling technical experts with the leadership and strategy alignment skills to meet desired performance and behavioural standards. 

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

We have a record of working with hospitals to deliver better service for patients by fueling innovation and reduce the cost and complexity

of operating systems.

Health Services

We work with business schools and train Executive MBA

and postgraduate students trains students to learn the language of business and to consciously influence and motivate their managers, colleagues, staff and internal/external clients for win-win outcomes.

Universities & Business Schools 
Building Under Construction

We have a record of helping

leading construction and building products firms prepare for and present to clients to secure multi-million £/€/$ tenders.

Business People Talking

We have a record of facilitating competency based assessment centres, culture change, process improvement and interim management to restructure entire businesses and create a common language culture.

Image by Rafael Juárez

We have in-depth experience of facilitating assessment centres, implementing Lean and management control systems and training to align employees with vision, strategies and values.

Railway Track

We have a record of facilitating competency based assessment centres and delivering culture change, process improvement and interim management to restructure entire businesses.

Fresh motor oil

We have a record here of re-engineering businesses, eliminating waste and optimising efficiency with maximum use of digital and the creation of internal training 'universities'.

Oil, Gas & Refining 
Image by Jack Bain

We have a record here of handling diversity and anti-slavery issues to ensure supply chain and retailer reputational goals are adhered to. 

Image by Alain Pham

Our experience in this sector is by working together with Proudfoot to re-engineer businesses, eliminate waste and optimise efficiency using digital.

Nursing Home.jpg

We have a record of working with nursing homes and helping boards meet regulatory standards and strategic, people and patient objectives.

 Nursing Homes
Browsing Jackets

Our retail expertise is instilling disciplined execution and building a culture of continuous operational and service innovation.

Programming Console

We help reorganise IT departments to be fit for purpose by typically introducing an aligned IT operating model comprising one organisation, one strategy, one budget, one set of operating processes and one set of training modules.

Information Technology
Tropical Resort

We have a record of facilitating consistent customer service standards, digitisation of processes and implementing balanced scorecard style systems. 

Image by Arno van Rensburg

We have experience of upskilling technical managers and coaching them to re-engineer their business operations to eliminate waste and optimise efficiencies. 

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