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Corporate Training (F2F or Online)

Understanding new behavioural skills creates new attitudes. Our training impacts cognitive processes, such as, personal information and processing abilities including perception, learning, judging and problem-solving.


Our training methodology finds its origins in a broad version of the Palo Alto School of Communication and theorists including Fons  Trompenaars, Marshall Rosenberg and Peter Senge. We deliver training in all leadership, management, sales and organisational development (process and Information Technology) themes.


Our purpose is to challenge established thinking, unlock insights and enable civil servants, corporate managers, bankers, lawyers, insurance underwriters, Information Technology specialists etc. to become as professional in leading and managing as they are in their specialist fields. We provide experienced leaders an environment where they can benefit from stepping back to reassess and develop their personal philosophy, impact and legacy.


In many sectors, people find themselves in leadership or management roles because of their technical excellence. Often, they have little or no effective preparation for the challenges of leadership. We design and deliver practical training programmes that connect individual aspirations to business needs. We produce confident, competent leaders, managers and employees to improve the performance and sustainability of their organisations.



Our corporate training typically features phased intensive workshops with project work between sessions over a few months. This facilitates personal application of the training concepts in the workplace. We also offer one-to-one coaching after each programme.


We design and implement bespoke training at all hierarchical levels. We enable technical experts – such as corporate managers, bankers, lawyers, insurance underwriters, civil servants or new hires – to become as professional in leading and managing as they are in their specialist fields. We install accelerated, measurable improvement in employee's skills to directly impact operational indicators and financial results.


To be effective, leaders need ever greater self-knowledge and practical understanding of human psychology in developing interpersonal relations and representing teams, departments and whole organisations. Leadership implies lifelong learning which may include unlearning habits acquired earlier in life.

A Creative Blend of Consulting, Training and Coaching 

Through consulting, we provide a sounding board and source of advice and facilitation on leadership issues for Boards, CEOs and Managing Partners. Typical challenges that we help with include formulating and communicating business strategy, creating and sustaining a successful working environment and developing a climate that attracts, retains and develops people according to business need.

With the global business environment growing more regulated and complex, it is no longer safe to assume that individual, departmental or performance problems can be corrected simply by consulting and training. The obstacle may not be the lack of skills or knowledge. It could be an unnoticed bottleneck in corporate communications, ineffective management behaviours, processes or systems, an environment that inhibits motivation, or any of many other diverse but interrelated factors.

We offer aligned and bespoke training programmes to focus on your organisation’s business needs and gaps in competence. We design programmes using our clients existing internal materials and learning. When prefer to deliver training and coaching using a phased training approach. This means that in most cases training days are phased to allow some weeks’ application in real life between the training sessions.

Through 1:1 coaching, we enable executives and professionals at all levels to develop their leadership and business development capabilities, to plan and take career decisions, to balance the demands of work and personal life and to prepare for specific meetings and communication challenges.


We help our clients to proactively control their environment rather than being controlled by it. We demonstrate what 'leader-managers' must do to proactively control all situations at work to ensure positive results and that motivates all those involved.


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CT01: Leadership 

7 one-day workshop-style seminars over 6-7 months or online sessions for C-Level executives who wish develop their leadership style and impact. 


Price on application

CT02: Management 

7 one-day workshop-style seminars over 6-7 months or online session for Senior Executives who wish to develop their management style. 


Price on application 

CT03: Future Leaders

7 one-day workshop-style seminars over 6-7 months or online sessions for mid-level Managers earmarked for future leadership roles.


Price on application

CT04: Innovation & Creativity

4 one-day workshop-style seminars over 3-4 months or online sessions for those required to handle daily problems for better performance.


Price on application

CT05: Selling Skills

8 one-day workshop-style seminars over 7-8 months or online sessions for sales, marketing and/or pre and post sales personnel who wish to develop their sales skills and rapport.


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CT06: Sales Management 

7 one-day workshop-style seminars over 6-7 months or online sessions for current or future sales managers who must lead others to sales success.


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CT08: Negotiation

5 one-day workshop-style seminars over 4-5 months or online sessions for managers, negotiators and project managers who wish to develop their negotiation and persuasion skills.


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CT09: Business Optimisation 

7 one-day workshop-style seminars over 6-7 months or online sessions for senior executives responsible for modernising a business and implementing change that delivers performance and growth.


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CT10: IT Control & Value 

5 one-day workshop-style seminars over 4-5 months or online sessions. This programme addresses the critical roles that senior business leaders, IT professionals and IT suppliers must perform to achieve world class performance levels.


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CT11: IT Cost Reduction & Optimisation

5 one-day workshop-style seminars over 4-5 months or online sessions. This programme introduces cost management rigor needed to achieve competitive cost levels, providing a comprehensive focus on waste elimination, demand management, overhead management, contractor and contracts management, budgeting and control methods.


Price on application

CT12: Supplier

Management & Outsourcing 

5 one-day workshop-style seminars over 4-5 months or online sessions. The programme focuses on the management of IT services and supply relationships to support and advance the needs of the business throughout the supply life-cycle.


Price on application

CT13: Aligning IT with  Strategic Priorities 

5 one-day workshop-style seminars over 4-5 months or online sessions. This programme addresses the alignment of employees, processes and IT with business strategies and leadership. 


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CT14: 3-Year Leadership Diploma  

Modular and highly interactive, this leadership development programme reflects the latest international research and best practices in both content and methodology. Structured over a three-year period, each year there are 10 training days at agreed intervals of approximately every 3-4 weeks if delivered monthly or every 6-8 weeks if delivered in a 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 1 format.   

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