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& Outplacement

We can bring the best people to your company. We:


  • Source candidates at all levels and across all industries

  • Write/update job descriptions

  • Screen CVs

  • Do psychometric testing of the candidates (verbal, inductive, logical, personality, aptitude, MBTI, PPA) 

  • Do telephone or face-to-face competency-based or technical pre-screen interviews

  • Provide an on-boarding service

  • Provide an outplacement service to find new roles for employees leaving an organisation 


A typical recruitment campaign takes 28 days but may take longer depending on role requirements. Our rate for recruitment is more reasonable than industry standards, while our database of candidates is very competitive. If we are acting as Interim Directors this service is included in our daily rate.


We offer a permanent and contract recruitment
attraction service. In recent years we have placed candidates from over 100 countries into more than 50 organisations across Europe and the Middle East. 


We identify, engage and manage a strong, talented workforce. We recruit as part of change projects or our clients often outsource their entire recruitment research to us.


We give clients access to talented individuals by ‘hunting’ in the passive job market. We’re one of the largest users of professional social media in EMEACIS today. By leveraging this strategic advantage, as well as utilising our database, we ensure that the best people to drive our clients’ businesses forward is within your reach.

For every role we receive, we create a shortlist of talent for pre-screening. 

We source over 42% of all placed candidates via the closed or “passive candidate” market. These are extensive on and offline networks that span across EMEACIS.


Our Sourcing Approach


Shortlist Pre-Screening


Candidate Presentation


Feedback & Interview Management 


After a Successful Interview


Candidate On-Boarding

We use in-house, external databases and advertising websites. We are avid users of the social networks relevant to the region in which they are recruiting. 42% of candidates we placed in 2019 were sourced from the closed market, i.e. headhunting, from our database and from referrals.

We pride ourselves on having an in-depth knowledge of each of our clients. Thus, we are able to source the perfect candidate in terms of skills, experience and cultural fit. Every candidate we present will be of the right calibre to meet their staffing requirements.

Along with the CV, our clients receive the following candidate information:

  • Current and expected salary

  • Reasons for wanting to join you/move on from their current role

  • Review of their technical qualifications and previous experience

  • Alignment with our client’s competencies

When you choose to proceed to interview stage our typical approach then is: • Arrange and conduct any psychometric tests • Brief the candidate on the objectives of the interview • Ensure candidates are aware of role responsibilities • Prepare sample interview questions for the client • Interview de-briefing.

Reference Checking - the responsibility of obtaining references may be shared between us and our client. If we are solely responsible, we will complete this quickly and efficiently. 3 Months After Start - the time between an offer being accepted and the start date is a time where outside influences can affect a decision. We continue to communicate with the candidate to ensure they are still keen to proceed.

We offer a complete candidate on-boarding service that is designed to prepare candidates to operate effectively in the client’s business culture. By attending this programme, new recruits can decrease their learning curve by receiving instruction about core performance and behavioural requirements.


How We Work 


Manage Change




Identify Next Career Options 


Job Search Skills


On-Going Support

Our Outplacement Service  

Our outplacement service often comprises a creative blend of consulting, coaching and training. Our outplacement service often comprises a creative blend of consulting, coaching and training. A highly personal service, we provide support and advice until candidates find a new job.  

Our service begins with diagnostic discussions. We assess how individuals are dealing with the emotional aspects of changing their job. Are they emotionally prepared to approach the job market? We tailor support to suit everyone’s learning style, preferences and stages of reaching their given career goal. 

We check skill levels and if there is a gap, determine its magnitude, investigate the causes and show how to close it. Using psychometric testing, we assess their skills, personal values and career drivers. This allows individuals to understand, in detail, what it is they can offer to a future employer. Only then do we determine the optimum approach to securing a new job.

Individuals now apply their learning in the self-assessment phase to the job market. They identify, given their skills and values, the roles that best suits them, their preferred organization size, team, salary levels, full or part time options, and of course the nature of the work that is ideal for them. 

Once individuals have a sense of the job they will look for we provide job search skills necessary to secure a position. Coaching and training is provided in:

• CV writing

• Optimising social media (LinkedIn etc.)

• Searching for jobs/writing job applications/use personal networks to access

   hidden job markets

• Interview skills

We provide continued assistance and support as the job search is carried out. We review activity levels and how effective the efforts are. Support with motivation and time management may be offered here.

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