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HR and L&D

We specialise in all aspects of HR consultancy. Our services include:


  • Create HR/L&D functions to encompass the total people strategy of your organisation and the management practices needed to optimise performance and drive value creation.

  • Assess how your HR and L&D departments currently influences shareholder value and if it is a strategic asset for your organisation.

  • Transform from Human Resource Management (HRM) to Human Capital Management (HCM) where HR, first and foremost, is a dynamic source of strategy implementation.

  • Help HR/L&D to support your business to deliver and report on the implementation of business priorities.

  • Implement a measurement process to demonstrate the links between people and performance by setting out clear talent and performance management processes to follow.

  • Full HR/L&D process design, implementation and reporting that provides a review and implementation of all policy requirements.

  • Support the recruitment of talent.

  • Help HR/L&D to design, implement and measure the right training.


Does your organisation see HR and L&D as a major influencer? Does it possess the talent to implement your strategies and does it help to achieve the delivery of your business priorities? 


Our number one priority is to help HR and L&D solve business problems that limit the ability of your organisation to achieve its strategic priorities. 


Our number two priority is to help HR and L&D become a strategic core competency that directly impacts operating performance.


Set Human Capital

Management in Context 


Get Started: Gather & Collate the Data


Measure your Talent 


Report the Data


Develop a Route Map to Talent Reporting 

We can define what talent is and how it aligns with your business strategy.


We provide practical and robust solutions for measuring talent.

We provide guidance on the nature and sources of relevant information for reporting, what measures and categories might be reported on and how this information can be collated to build a talent measurement platform.

We measure the targets and out performance targets that will allow your organisation to enable, innovate, implement, report and communicate results internally by selecting key metrics to guide human capital decisions.

We address the links to the related issues of external reporting requirements, what kind of information investors or stakeholders are expecting and propose a framework for internal/external reporting.

This final step covers developing your own route map, identifying who in your organisation should be involved, determining stakeholders’ expectations and embarking on the human capital measurement journey.

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