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Working together on the future of the company.

The ideas from the group outweigh individual ideas. There are 4 meeting types.

Set the example. Never forget to prepare. Those that do not must prepare to be forgotten.


Place, date, start time, end time, list of attendees, themes, written preparation for each subject as required. For action meetings this is a must. What is the GOAL?


Start and finish time for each item under discussion. Those responsible for each item. Objective of each discussion point and a list of those invited to participate.

During the Meeting

1. Minimise discussions to the theme.

2. Encourage all those invited to express their view.

3. No “any other business” at the end.


No minutes! Decisions reached to be written down:

What - By Whom - When

· Re-read for confirmation. Distribute at the end of meeting or latest the day after.

· Who causes a meeting to start late? When should it finish?

Successful meetings are characterised by their preparation, their brevity and their concrete conclusions.

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