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Training for Universities & Business

Schools (F2F or Online) 

We work with Executive MBA and post and undergraduate graduate students at Edinburgh University, ISG Paris, the Baltic Management Institute (Vilnius), Kyiv National Economic University and in centres of learning throughout the Middle East and Africa.


Our work involves training students to learn the language of business and to proactively influence and motivate their managers, colleagues, staff and internal/external clients. Our purpose is to show how the students can CONSCIOUSLY influence others and the business environment through the quality of their preparation to deliver win-win outcomes and the results they want. We explain what 'leader-managers' must do to proactively control all situations at work to ensure a positive result and that motivates all involved.


Delivered, using a phased format, we bring a new evolution in personal beliefs and identity. Understanding new behavioural skills creates new attitudes, beliefs and actions. Our approach impacts cognitive processes, such as, personal information processing abilities including perception, learning, remembering, judging and problem-solving.


Students learn five components of effective leadership and management:


1.Find purpose

Learn how to communicate the journey your business is taking, inspire your people to follow you and fully realise the impact you, as a leader, have on others.


2.Empower others

Add value to by empowering those around you to succeed and perform to the best of their ability. Practise both leading and being led, so you can identify what makes an effective leader. Think about the teams you work with and the qualities each team member possesses to motivate them to reach their potential.




3.Enablee change

Develop the skills to transform and influence organisations. Understand the culture and mindset of a business and know how to implement sustainable change.


4.Influence effectively

Apply proven tactics to enhance your influence and personal impact. Learn how to win backing for your ideas and create a collaborative, supportive environment.


5.Build teams

A key part of being an effective leader-manager is knowing how to build and lead a strong team. Explore optimal team structures and how to successfully lead both teams and the individuals within them.


Leadership Essentials 


Transition into Management


Strategic Planning


Value Creation


Influence & Negotiation


Leading Change


Innovation & Creativity


Personnel Management


Personnel Brand Management

Sample Programmes

Develop your leadership skills to get the best from your most important asset: your people. If you ask managers what they find most difficult and challenging in their job, the most common reply is ‘people’. Success depends on your ability to get people to follow you because they want to.

Gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to make the transition to management. Go on a professional and personal journey that challenges you to think about how you see yourself as a manager and that gives you the tools to inspire teams and contribute to strategic goals.

To be a successful executive, you manage strategic priorities, develop and lead effective teams and establish sustained competitive advantage. In the face of increasing uncertainty, the half-life of a successful strategy is declining. 

Discover ground-breaking and creative approaches for value creation. Businesses need to look beyond the traditional and find new ways to stay ahead. Develop breakthrough strategies to renew and create new sources of competitive advantage.

This is the key to success, Your confidence and capabilities grow as you are better equipped to resolve conflict, strengthen relationships and face a broader range of negotiating situations.

In a turbulent business environment that’s characterised by instability and change, many companies struggle to translate strategy into results. What are the latest tools, techniques and a practical framework for successfully executing strategy in today's fast changing world?

Harness the true value of innovation and create an environment where new ideas, products, services and ways of working are encouraged and supported. Organisations must innovate continuously, 

Put people at the heart of your organisation. Your organisation thrives when there is a compelling alignment between business strategy and the context you create for your employees. 

Be visible and influence your entire business environment rather than being controlled by it. Build your personal brand and create increased confidence in your own ability through targeted and skilful stakeholder management.

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