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In association with our partners, CIO International Limited we offer a customised IT assessment service. Our highly experienced team uses an assessment methodology developed from years of practical application in international company settings.


While our methodology is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of your IT environment covering the full scope of IT and Information Management, it is organised in modules and can be adapted to address your priorities. It can also be applied to track progress in areas targeted for improvement. While the assessment covers the IT aspects of the business, its ultimate focus is on the business itself to ensure that IT fully serves your strategic and operational needs.


We provide a thorough review of your information technology systems and environment with recommendations for action.

Our IT Assessment can help ensure that your IT systems and operations are continually adding business value. An IT system isn’t just technology for technology’s sake - it should should help you meet specific business goals and provide value that is both visible and measurable.

Our IT Assessment and Optimisation Approach Includes

1. Strategic Management 

  • IT Leadership and Governance

  • Strategy Evaluation

  • IT Risk Management

  • IT Business Alignment and Strategy

  • IT Metrics

  • Innovation

2. Design 

  • Architecture and design (“City Plan and Roadmap”)

  • Applications Portfolio Management

  • Data Management

  • Technology Management Review

3. Delivery 

  • Budgeting and Planning

  • Value Creation & Cost Effectiveness

  • User and Application Support

  • Performance Measurement & Consumer Satisfaction

  • Economic Buyer Satisfaction

  • Process Control including Reporting and KPI's

  • Project Management

  • IT Service Management

  • Information Management

  • Business Process Design and Improvement

4. Supply Chain

  • Budgeting and Planning (Roadmaps)

  • Key Supplier Programme

  • Cost Effectiveness and Strategic Alignment

  • Innovation

  • Risk Mitigation

5. Compliance & Controls 

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Business Continuity

  • Cyber Security

  • Business Controls

  • Adoption of all relevant compliance and control standards

6. Resource Management

  • IT Skill Pool Management

  • IM Skill Pool Management

  • People Development

  • Organisational Design (including third party sourcing)

  • Deployment Footprint

7. IT Operations & Technology

  • Systems Performance

  • Software Audit

  • Network Performance

  • Concept Testing and Development

  • System/Data Security

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Network Design

  • Server Infrastructure

  • Administrative Policies

  • Network Software

IT Assessment and Business Value

Before any organisation’s leadership can decide its priorities for business and operational improvements, a necessary first step is to better understand how well your IT environment is performing as a function and, in particular, how well it supports the delivery of your business strategy.


We provide a blueprint for improving your technology and a specific and measurable template for achieving business objectives more efficiently and effectively. Our assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses and suggested methods to boost efficiency, resource utilisation, enhanced security, productivity and profitability. We appraise how your technology helps or hinders the realisation of your business goals and objectives for business advantage. Technology becomes an enabler.

Our Approach and Process

Our methodology is organised as a series of modules. This provides flexibility, allowing assessments to be implemented as a complete package, as a subset of modules in a bundle, or individually, as required. This also allows us to schedule and organise the work effort to provide interim results on priority areas as required.


Assessments are conducted using data gathered from existing sources  and reports, plus surveys and interviews that will be documented on a confidential basis.  Based on these data, we assess and comment relative to global international best practices.  We recognise that not all clients will aspire to or require the highest international standards in all areas and so assessments will also be made against what each client decides is a desirable level.

Our approach


Foundational Requirements: Prior to a review, we understand your objectives and associated areas within scope, along with any special considerations or constraints to meet your specific needs. We also gain an appreciation of your guiding principles - mission, vision, values - so our solutions align with and embrace them fully.


Leadership Alignment: There’s a direct correlation between the success of an initiative and the degree of alignment that exists among leadership. Our review drives leadership agreement and alignment around the current state of your organisation, a common vision of the future and the gaps that exist between the two. This aligned agreement creates a powerful force to drive the changes needed to compete and succeed.


Current State Assessment: We conduct a thorough and honest assessment of the way things work today.  This is key to understanding the distance to be travelled to achieve your future vision.


Future State Operating Model Design: A common vision of the future is the centrepiece of the review. This is accomplished by engaging your leadership team, understanding your customers needs, your competitors capabilities and any regulatory requirements as the key drivers for you to compete and succeed.


Gap Analysis: The gaps between the current state and your common vision of the future are listed and defined. These make very clear the barriers to its achievement. Operational and financial impacts are analysed and presented, revealing the projected benefits of successfully achieving the transformation, providing the basis for implementation planning.

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