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Today’s lawyers are required to be professional by their regulator both in their chosen disciplines and in a range of people and commercial skills that they may not have foreseen as students or trainees.


Partners and senior associates are expected to fulfil leadership, project management and business development roles that require skills and mindsets different from, and complementary to, their technical abilities. Their firm’s ability to differentiate increasingly depends on such abilities and firms which invest in them can gain significant competitive advantage over those who do not. 


Beyond a superficial appeal, traditional business schools can struggle to engage students meaningfully and to generate practical learning. Training companies impart one-size-fits-all tools and tips that lack substance and relevance. One-off experiential learnings create short-term openings that may not translate into new habits. Coaching, even when effective, may be used only for remedial purposes. And experienced or retired lawyers, who may command initial respect may "lecture" their juniors and focus on the details of “how they did it” rather than distilling and bringing alive the underlying principles that remain useful, relevant and valid.


This is not our way. 


Since 1997, we have built a unique track record of helping lawyers develop non- technical skills throughout their careers, working internationally with full service global practices as well as with medium- sized and small firms.


Our projects are custom designed and may take the form of branded initiatives or of in-house curricula. Within the custom design, our work is further tailored to each part of the organisation, to each group and to each individual.

We also help Human Resources and Learning and Development managers to address challenges such as influencing the Partnership towards new ideas and designing development curricula.


Projects include creating strategy and generating alignment across departments and regions, developing the partnership culture to fulfil strategy, raising confidence, morale, performance, motivation and retention, improving internal collaboration and cohesion and generating higher client and partner satisfaction.


For lawyers based outside the UK we provide skills in areas vital to international practice such as Contract Drafting, Advocacy, Legal Correspondence and Ethics. These courses cover the basic principles of common UK law versus continental or other systems.


LA01: Junior Associate Development  

Develop personal organisation and communication skills, including

ability to manage trainees, PAs and secretaries and effectively engage with senior lawyers.

Tutor led f2f over 4 x 1 days or online

Price on application 


LA02: Mid-Level Associate Development 

Develop management and client contact skills, including the ability to manage junior associates and trainees and to effectively engage with clients and senior lawyers.


Tutor led f2f over 5 x 1 days or online

Price on application 


LA03: Senior Associate  Development  

Develop leadership, project management and business development skills and suitable for those preparing for partner selection processes.

Tutor led f2f over 6 x 1 days or online

Price on application 


LA04: Partner Development (1-3 Years)

Develop leadership and practice-building capabilities.

Tutor led f2f over 7 x 1 days or online

Price on application 


LA05: Partner Development (+4 Years) 

Develop leadership and practice-building capabilities as well as their contribution to the partnership.

Tutor led f2f over 7 x 1 days or online

Price on application 


LA06: Partner Development (+20 Years)

For partners coming towards the end of their careers and looking to create the best value from their knowledge and experience.

Tutor led f2f over 4 x 1 days or online 

Price on application 


LA07: Managing Partner Programme 

Develop personal leadership style and impact.



Tutor led f2f over 7 x 1 days or online

Price on application 


Price on application 

LA08: English Law & Communication Skills for Overseas Lawyers (Private Practice)

Learn key aspects of the English legal system, terminology and themes in your area of practice, the fundamental principles of liability under English law, essential aspects of English Contract law all applied with the necessary communication skills.


Tutor led 5 online sessions


Price on application 

LA9: Contract Drafting for Overseas Lawyers & In-House Counsel

Draft entire agreements and develop an understanding of legal terminology, phraseology and “grammar” in the drafting process.

Tutor led 5 online sessions 


LA10: English Law & Communication for Overseas (In-House) Lawyers   

Learn key aspects of the English Legal System as they affect commercial law, key terminology and themes in international practice, the fundamentals of English Contract Law, the basic principles of English company Law and explore current issues in corporate governance.

Tutor led 5 online sessions


LA11: English Law & Communication for Overseas Financial Lawyers & In-House Counsel 

Learn core concepts of English Law as they affect Finance and Banking and compares these with your own law and explore the meaning/use of terminology around financial/ banking law and regulation.

Tutor led 5 online sessions


LA12: Written English Communication for Overseas Lawyers and

In-House Counsel 

Draft English legal texts and understand key aspects of English Law as they apply to drafting various documents. Explore the relationship between grammar, syntax, style and terminology in producing legal texts and general issues of style.

Tutor led 5 online sessions


LA13: Connecting with Clients  

Gain specialist knowledge that adds value, professional and personal rapport when engaging with clients.

Tutor led f2f over 4 x 1 days or online

Price on application 

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