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Process Improvement

Drive operational performance and financial results through process improvement. All businesses are reliant on two things:

  • the people you employ, their skills and capabilities and 

  • the processes you use i.e. the way you do things to add value.


We can review work processes to see how well they contribute to the achievement of your vision and strategies. What improvements or redesign is required to ensure they meet your customers requirements? Or how to create synergies among processes that cut across organisational boundaries and supply chain partners?


Identify core work processes


Decide critical customer delight factors


Use the delight factors to redesign and improve processes


Monitor results to continuously improve and close gaps

Are your Customers Happy?  

Process improvement is about changing the way things are done to meet customer needs. All process improvement does is to refocus all processes back on giving your customers what they pay for and when they want it.

Why is it so Difficult

The problem with process improvement is that too many organisations don’t focus on what the paying customer wants. Instead, they focus on the wrong 'customer' and what managers or owners want. How do you persuade managers to agree that they should focus their efforts on customers first and not shareholders, not bosses, not regulators and certainly not themselves?

How to Improve Processes?

We conduct Brown Paper Process Flow Mapping that aligns all processes and procedures to customer needs, employee objectives and internal systems.


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