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7 Minute Rule of Daily Planning

Do your work as if everything depends on you, then leave the rest to God.

“Time is living, living is learning, learning is change”

“Every day, do what no-one expects of you!”

“Today is the first day of the rest of my life”


Start the working day with 7 minutes of preparation


gain an hour for essential matters for change.

The 5 golden “MUSTS” of each day:

Less Stress: complete a task which has priority.

Success: ensure a success for a member of your staff/clients.

Motivation: check for reasons to give praise - plan at least one check each day.

Health: what will I do for 10 minutes today to improve my health?

Satisfaction: achieve a personal goal. Set one personal objective each day.

The role of managers is to contribute to the happiness of those around them.

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