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The association of IDEAS is the key to brainstorming.

Brainstorming = Creativity = Time Saving

Brainstorming and Freewheeling allow us to step outside the confines of our habits. Our habits are the main obstacle to brainstorming.

Phase 1: Before the Session

  • Preparation by the chairperson: definition of themes and open ended questions

Phase 2: During the Session

  • No discussion or criticism

  • Write down everything said on a flipchart

  • 20-30 minute duration only

  • 8-10 people maximum

  • Presence of persons not directly involved

  • Chairperson may participate

  • Push for the 100th idea!

Phase 3: Processing, Selection and Decision (up to a week later)

  • Delete repetitions

  • Group ideas in families

  • Make the ideas measurable and controllable

  • Do they really answer the question?

  • Set priorities

Phase 4: Feedback

  • Give feedback to all participants.

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