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The Active Reference

It is not the employer who pays the salaries, it is the customer! Henry Ford

One dissatisfied customer can chase away at least ten others. A satisfied customer should bring in at least one new one!

Is my manager my reference... how do I find out? Ask them!

Our goal, what the customer should feel.

- This goes beyond a sales contract: the customer must be brought to the point where s/he discusses us, our products and our services on his/her own initiative.

Turn passive references into active references. How? Ask them!

- “Mr., Ms., if you are happy with our products/services, would you be willing to tell other people about us?” = giving the customer security.

- With complaints: the active reference ‘attitude’ is the way to turn the conversation in a positive direction.

If you have positive customers who are not ‘selling’ you that is a shame.

How do we feel when the customer talks positively about us?

Do my customers/does my manager defend me?

The client talks about us... so we know that s/he is really satisfied.

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