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Prison Life: RPG - The Ultimate Pixel Art Simulator

In "Prison Life RPG," players play prisoner prisoners of all kinds. The production team set the target for the player to "leave the jail unscrupulously", but more players enjoy jail for this extra high degree of freedom. Players have unusually rich in-prison life during their sentences.

The most important forces in the game are prison guards and the four major gangs. Flattering and plug money can make prison guards have a good impression on you, and then support you in the face of violent conflicts. However, the use of prison guards alone is not useful, unifying the four gangs is the goal of the player system hegemony. The Big Four are rogue gangs who like to work hard, good guys like basketball, lovers of gambling money, and boxing sait-guns, as long as they have the skills to "cast their gangsters" Cell free time to deal with them more, and finally be able to get help to get their shelter, and even become the host of the famous Zhenjiang!

prison rpg apk

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In addition to the gameplay, "Prison Life RPG" is the most interesting figure set, a large number of characters in the classic TV series will appear in prison, more than 100 characters can only make you laugh after reading it. And every day must take a bath to "pick up soap" link, it is this spoof to the extreme.

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Mod V1 features:Google is priced at $ 3.99 a good game!Prison Life RPG v1.6.1 mod Google, priced at $3.99, is a great game to play.The game is designed to simulate what life is like in prison.It allows players to perform routine prison activities such as attending roll calls, working in a laundry, stealing food, bribing inmates, and more.Players can also choose to be either a prisoner or a prison guard depending on their preference.The game has received positive reviews for its engaging gameplay and immersive experience.It is recommended for anyone interested in experiencing prison life from the comfort of their own home.

This is a survival simulation game that combines Roguelike mechanics on a prison theme developed by NobStudio. Since its launch, Prison Life RPG has received 100,000 downloads and tens of thousands of positive reviews from users on Google Play.

Prison life: RPG is a prison life simulator with tones of animated scenes from Nobstudio. You'll need to find a common language with other prisoners, each of which has his own unique features. One is a serial killer, another is a madman, and the third is a rapist ... You'll have to build relationships with them, find accomplices and organize a grand escape! But this is not the only goal. You can become the leader of a prison gang, kill another prisoner, or just get rich. The game features over 100 characters, good controls, various scenarios and good graphics[^1^].

[Prison life: RPG Download APK for Android (Free)](^1^)

Living in a prison is never easy, imagine the classic situations in the legendary movie Prison Break. You must have an iron will to exercise, make friends, find allies and plan an escape to get to the last two endings in the game.

There are enemies, there are allies, and there are NPCs who are neutral or hold clues to important information during your escape. Players can role-play any of these 100 people to start their prison escape survival.

Depending on your preferences and game progress in the character you choose, you will be able to join one of the four most powerful gangs in this prison. After joining a gang, you will have to strive constantly to climb to the top of that gang with the power and benefits that come with it.

You can play as among the prisoners! Check out the news, talk to your grandma, get to know her, learn or make crafts, be harassed, wash the toilets, have a fling with the beautiful doctor at Sick Bay, bribe the guards or relax! Begin to make friends and join gangs to boost your protection, fighting, and of course, your ability to escape. Be aware that those offended you will attack you or take your life!

You will play the role of a prisoner and must survive using all means to find a way out. While the game is very simple, there are many difficult situations that the player will face, which makes the experience of the game extremely rewarding.

Life in prison can seem very difficult. To survive, you have to do many things. The prisoner who has the most willpower and luck can live well and escape from the hell that awaits them, just like the movies with similar themes. Our character will have to work hard to build relationships, strengthen friendships, defeat enemies, and gamble to get money to bribe prison guards. This constant effort could lead to your character reaching two different endings. The first is to be granted leniency in exchange for your rehabilitation and exceptional achievements. The second is to escape prison.

Prison Life RPG MOD APK has more than 100 prisoners for players to freely interact with. There are also enemies, friends and bystanders. With whomever, you can have interesting conversations and discover different clues to your choices. Particularly, any of the 100 characters can be played to ensure your survival.

As characters continue to appear, a series of conversations takes place. Not only does the player learn the skills of his prisoner, but he also has to memorize the details of these dialogues. Prison Life RPG is complex and fast-paced, as you can see.

The following options allow you to choose the right attitude and the best path for your character. The first is to re-educate and follow the rules. You hope to one day receive a lenient prison order for your good behaviour. The second is to plan for your escape.

There are many options for escaping prison. You can start by gathering all the tools necessary and using your sharp mind, execute the plan. For the prison escape, you will need a lot of tools and items. You also need support from guards, prisoners, nurses, doctors and other staff members. For your advanced escape you can also recruit up 7 allied prisoners. You will be captivated by the meticulous preparations. Prison Life RPG is easy, but it will not let you down.

Prison Life RPG is a combination of RPG, simulation and survival game with lots of humor and fun. This game is developed by NobStudio. Prison Life RPG is not just a prison escape game at all. It gives you plenty of ways to enjoy the game.

As I already said before there are many ways to play this game. So how you want play? Behave well and release earlier? Create an escape plan and escape from prison? How if executed? Or you can try my favorite, become the king of the prison and rule. Or you can try all of these one by one.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be incarcerated? Undoubtedly, the public believes that prisoners never leave their cells. Hoosegow players in the upcoming game will be immersed in an authentic recreation of prison life. You will play the role of a prisoner while performing the assigned responsibilities. Due to the ability to affect the game environment, players will face many exciting opportunities. You will know what it is like to be imprisoned and what it takes to survive there.

Of course, beyond whatever the government dictates, prisons have their own set of rules and restrictions. Every decision you make will have an impact on the future. Inside the prison, your only responsibility is your safety and well-being. Find artifacts, fix things, and reach a deal. Take whatever precautions are necessary to protect your survival and focus your efforts on building a new life for yourself. Make every decision carefully and, if necessary, improve the situation positively. Hoosegow is not simply a game; it faithfully recreates prison life.

We have to go through the building process to build up the inmates who are in prison! Upgrade the gym, delivery rooms and meditation rooms. Improving the behavior and appearance of prisoners through various educational programs. Throughout the building process, cruel prisoners will be able to live a new life.

Prison Life RPG is a Roguelike + Survival + Simulation + Role Playing game that puts you behind bars. To survive the punishments of the penitentiary system, you will have to stay in good health and condition, make you allies, eliminate your enemies, bribe the guards, bet in illegal boxing matches, and even more to be released on parole or plan your escape . Watch TV, call your grandma, learn skills, make items, be intimidated, wash the toilet, flirt with the pretty doctor in the infirmary, bribe the guards or gland just in a corner! Make friends and join gangs to improve your defense, your punch, and, of course, your escape power. Be careful though, the prisoners you offend will beat you up or even kill you!

Prisoners with this gamepass have access to the M4A1 rifle, ski masks and helmet. They cannot equip the shield and armour, possibly for balancing purposes, even then, the gamepass has met lots of criticism because of its overpowered nature, and many want it to be nerfed. But even then, the best justification of this existing is that Prison Life is a prison roleplaying game, and this was to simply go side by side with it, since cops are superior in the role hierarchy in a prison compared to a prisoner.

Test your survival in the harsh prison environment by joining Hoosegow: Prison Survival MOD APK now. Accordingly, you will transform into an intelligent prisoner with the goal of escaping from prison as soon as possible. A lot of dangers will appear, what will you do to escape from this prison?

Join Hoosegow: Prison Survival, players will have the opportunity to explore the classic escape of a smart prisoner. And you are also his companion in the decisive choices to escape the extremely secure prison in the game.


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