Strategic and Operations Review

Sterling Development offers a free strategic and operations review service where we gain a full understanding of your organisation, your people, your strategies and the opportunities and challenges you face in reaching your goals. We then determine the optimum performance, competencies, processes and IT needed to reach these goals.


What is the current state of your business?


Is your leadership aligned around a common vision and strategy of the future?


Does your team agree on the bottlenecks and people problems that stops your organisation from realising your vision?


What actions are required? 

We ascertain the current skill levels of your personnel and identify any organisational, operational and  communication bottlenecks. If there is a gap, we determine its magnitude, investigate the causes and show you how to close it. 

Is there debate about “where do we go from here” but your team does not agree on a way forward?


Are market changes requiring radical change for you, but your team doesn’t own the solution?


Is your strategy of continuous improvement not having the impact it once had? 


Is your culture based on participation and empowerment, but your team doesn’t get on and do something?


Are there large differences of view between leadership and your Board, delaying a course of action?


Do you want to create an agreed way forward with the management of a recently acquired company and build trust?


Among the many challenges facing businesses today, one of the most pervasive - and most costly - is an inability to drive multiple initiatives consistently and successfully toward a defined vision. Often, the source of this inability is the missing leadership alignment to carry out the initiatives with determination and confidence. The ability to define the required future state, identify the existing gaps between the current model and the vision and to achieve leadership alignment and commitment are the chief differentiators that can turn organisations into world-class performers. It’s also one of the most effective ways to add long-term value to any business.

1. Customer Experience

Total understanding, agreement and execution of defined Service Level Agreements between suppliers and customers, both internal and external, with the focus being on achieving customer ‘delight’.

2. Quality


An environment where leadership and employees embrace and actively promote a “do it right the first time” philosophy and approach.

3. Process and Data Ownership

Clear accountability for the end-to- end process, major process segments, and databases, supported by documented and agreed accountabilities and responsibilities at the detailed process step and data element levels.

4. Process Leanness

A rationalised end-to-end process that minimises the number of process steps and handoffs among functional areas, automates as many steps as possible to minimise the potential for human error, and eliminates “built-in” rework.

5. Process


Closed-Loop Quality Control Systems that monitor the output error rates at each critical control point in the process and drive error proofing of inputs to continually approach a “zero defects” environment.

6. Change


A disciplined approach to assure the integrity of rules, laws and requirements is maintained on an end-to-end basis before making any changes to processes, IT systems or manual procedures.

7. Proactive Management Behaviours

First line ‘supervisors’ proactively demonstrating the necessary management behaviours of delegating, giving direction, following up, providing feedback, coaching and support, solving problems, and reporting.

8. Management Operating Systems

A Management Operating System that transparently reports results against Key Performance Indicators drives continuous improvement and is linked to performance appraisals for leaders and individual contributors.

Our approach


Foundational Requirements: Prior to a review, we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. This involves working to understand your key objectives and associated areas within scope, along with any special considerations or constraints. We also gain an appreciation of your guiding principles - mission, vision, values - so our solutions align with and embrace them fully.


Leadership Alignment: There’s a direct correlation between the success of an initiative and the degree of alignment that exists among leadership. Our review drives leadership agreement and alignment around the current state of your organisation, a common vision of the future and the gaps that exist between the two. This aligned agreement creates a powerful force to drive the changes needed to compete and succeed.


Current State Assessment: Making a thorough and honest assessment of the way things work today is key to understanding the distance to be travelled to achieve your future vision.


Future State Operating Model Design: A common vision of the future is really the centrepiece of the review. This is accomplished by engaging your leadership team, understanding your customers’ needs, your competitors’ capabilities and any regulatory requirements as the key drivers for you to compete and succeed.


Gap Analysis: The gaps between the current state and your common vision of the future are listed and defined. These make very clear the barriers to its achievement. Operational and financial impacts are analysed and presented, revealing the projected benefits of successfully achieving the transformation, providing the basis for implementation planning.

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